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Kherson region

Kherson Regional Children's Hospital

st. Ukrainian, 81
c. Kherson
Kherson region.

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Lyatetska Lyudmila
(head doctor)

E-mail: dob@bdp.ks.ua

Medical-diagnostic base:
Kherson Regional Children's Hospital on 540 beds - a leading healthcare institution the child population of the region, methodical and consultative center for emergency care. The hospital focused all kinds of specialized care for children of the regional center and rural areas, clock provided urgent specialized care. The structure of the hospital includes 17 residential offices, 2 Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Visiting team neonatal, trauma-stop point, paraclinical and support services, consultative and diagnostic center with 150 visits per shift.

Specialized neurological care provided to children in two offices.
Department of Children with CNS and Mental Disorders is designed for 40 beds.

In the treatment of children with diseases of the nervous system uses modern neuroprotective, anticonvulsant, physiotherapy and more. Diagnostic base includes:

of EhoEG, ReoEH, EEG, including videoEEHmonitorynh, cranial ultrasonography;
genetic - urynolizis, TLC and blood and urine amino acids and carbohydrates, karyotyping;
immunological studies of blood and urine for TORCH-complex.
There are also MRI ACP brain and cerebral ultrasound (at the department of radiation diagnostics Regional Hospital).

Introduced diagnostic techniques and rehabilitation for young children with organic CNS lesions and cerebral palsy, as follows:

Munich functional diagnostics method psyhomovnoho development in young children;
neyrokinezeolohichna diagnosis of movement disorders in young children by Voight;
implementation of certain elements of the Bobath techniques and Kozyavkin, Montessori method.
Treatment - free


Kherson regional center for early social and vocational rehabilitation for disabled children

st. Stepan Razin, 4
c. Kherson
Kherson region.

(0552) 26-43-27

Nikishin LT

Treatment and rehabilitation base:
The center provides a range of correctional and rehabilitation services, medical rehabilitation, which includes exercise, massage, pool, sauna, herbal medicine, jacuzzi, parapodium, hravistaty, trainers, has physiotherapy room.

Educational and training process is based on a multidimensional, collection, variable content of special education in the application of innovative, non-traditional technologies. Methods used domestic and foreign experts, the Center proprietary methods approved by the Institute of Defectology APN.

The center works under license for the provision of primary education and training in social and rehabilitation direction. Educational services available at special school and intensive pedkorektsiyi.

Psychological correction - psychological diagnosis of children and correction of deviations in their mental development. The classes of psyhohimnastyky, fairy tale therapy, sand therapy psychologist teaches children to express emotions and communicate with their peers, and relaxation room control them, to be able to manage them.

Musical and aesthetic education is an integral part of the correctional and educational process. The development of motor activity, speech development, emotional and volitional continue musical studies.

Employment training and social and domestic orientation focus on the task, the result of the work. Training and education of children held the program: work naturally, affair sewing, cooking.

Work with parents of children attending the center. It is through advice, family planning, parenting room, a group of mothers and children, psychological trainings parents. For parents of children with severe cerebral palsy patronage services provided in the home.

Center is open from 7:00 to 18:00, for 70 rehabilitation beds.