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ORDER SUPPORT "Rehabilitation armchair CR-375"

"Rehabilitation armchair CR-375"

(To help the neurologist and parents of children with special needs)
(Pursuant to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 5, 2012 r. Kyiv N321 "On approval of the provision of technical and other means of rehabilitation of invalids, disabled children and other populations, the list of assets).


I. Definitions need to ensure Rehabilitation equipment (MSEK and MCC)
Child neurologist makes an entry in the individual rehabilitation program plan invalid (paragraph "furniture and equipment") means the need for rehabilitation as:

"Table-desk (chairs with table)" (MO.1.1)
II. Receive referrals to the Department of Labor and social protection (social security) to provide technical means for rehabilitation following documents:

Initial reception:
• passport or birth certificate (for persons under 16 years) - photocopies and originals;
• individual rehabilitation program for disabled children (copy) and concluded MCC (original) to provide technical means of rehabilitation;
• certificate of identification numbers for persons under 18 years of age - copy;
• Invalid license -kserokopiya;
• certificate of registration of residence for disabled children (form №3, housing) - the original;
• passport of one parent - copy.

Re receipt:
• Conclusion MCC
• Referral of social security

Employee Labor and social protection (social security) makes an entry in an electronic database registration of the vehicle in need of rehabilitation as:

"Table-desk (chairs with table)" - 1 pc.

III. Documents required to obtain free technical means reabilitatsi (sent by mail or delivered in person):
• referrals from the Office of Labor and Social Welfare
(Social security) - the original;
• Individual rehabilitation program - copy;
• conclusion MCC to ensure Rehabilitation equipment -
• child's birth certificate - copy;
• Invalid certificate - copy;
• passport of one parent - copy;
• identification number of a parent - copy.

"Rehabilitation armchair CR-375"

The design of the chair allows children with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system to maintain and develop its activity, go to the next level of independence, and participate in normal child's life.
The chair is designed to move in space, feeding, training and exercise of play child.
In a sitting position in a chair, the conditions to maintain the head upright, fixing the body, improve the functioning of hands, posture correction, bringing the hips, forming resistance stop, tilt the pelvis.
The chair is designed for children aged 1.5 years.